Caves, as well as oceans, are the last unexplored areas on earth. Geological forces have been shaping these amazing natural places for millions of years. This is a hidden world of organic shapes and forms of great beauty and can appear to the imagination as fantastic mythological creatures beyond our wildest dreams.

More than four million years ago, at the birth of humanity, our ancestors found shelter in caves. Containing fossils and archaeological discoveries as well as prehistoric paintings, caves are a window into our past. Is this window perhaps a clue that our human presence might be insignificant in the eons of geological history of our planet? Are we just passing through like shadows projected on the wall of Plato’s Cave?

Whatever the answers might be, there will always be man’s curiosity and desire to explore the unknown as long as humans are present in the Universe. As a caver, I have a rare opportunity to document these unseen places – especially the zone of the shadows between light and total darkness – a world that, like our dreams, allows the imagination to flourish.

(To be published as an artist book)